By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Samsung Electronics Australia has now launched their new side-by-side refrigerator designed in conjunction with leading British Industrial Designer Jasper Morrison — the stainless steel SRS585JDHSS has a 585 litre capacity and price of RRP $3,999.

According to a statement from Samsung, Morrison is famous for reducing products down to their essential functions. With 20 years experience working with manufacturers, Morrison has created an array of consumer products ranging from household furniture and knifes and forks to tram carriages for the transport system in Hanover, Germany. Samsung advise that Morrison’s “simple yet functional philosophy” is adopted in Samsung’s new side-by-side refrigerator.

“Combining an exclusive industrialised finish with integrated convenience features, such as easy-access door hatch and flush-fitted drinks and ice dispenser, this 585 litre model exemplifies Samsung’s commitment to design and functionality,” said Samsung Electronics Australia’s senior product manager – kitchen appliances, Mike Lilly.

“Jasper Morrison shares Samsung’s value of ergonomics governing simple design. With this model, Samsung is building on its heritage of teaming with designers from all disciplines to create a truly unique product for consumers.”

This model also incorporates Samsung’s patented Twin Cooing Plus system which extends the health of food by generating and controlling cool air for the refrigerator and freezer separately, and maintaining shelves at their optimal conditions with a high 72 percent humidity and two independent evaporators.

Providing users with flexible refrigeration storage, Samsung have also incorporated their Cool Select Zone into this model. This zone sits within the main compartment and acts as a separate fridge-within-a-fridge, offering the ability to store foods at a variety of temperatures so consumers can maintain, defrost or soft-freeze food at deli counter temperatures.