Yamaha Unified Communications has released its next-generation, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered video collaboration systems, the CS-800 and the CS-500 for RRP $2,499 and $1,999 respectively.

Both the CS-800 and CS-500 leverage Yamaha’s proprietary audio processing technology and sophisticated video tracking capabilities, while seamlessly integrating functionalities that enhance the effectiveness and authenticity of online collaborations.

The CS-800 all-in-one video conferencing solution incorporates a microphone, speaker, camera, and HDMI video output into a single device. With Microsoft Teams certification, this integrated design is crafted for streamlined operations and clutter-free installations. The CS-800 is equipped with full-range speakers for use in medium-sized conference rooms where sufficient audio output is required.

The CS-500, which also includes a microphone, camera, and HDMI video output, offers flexibility in audio output by connecting with display speakers or other Yamaha or third-party speakers, making it ideal for open spaces such as huddle spaces. 

The adoption of Yamaha’s cutting-edge SoundCap Eye technology sets these devices apart from similar solutions. Using the camera’s positioning information, it accurately tracks and captures the voice of the speakers, enhancing clarity and reducing background noise. This technology, coupled with the integrated Hexa-Microphone, guarantees clear audio signal capture.

Smart Framing technology auto-adjusts the camera frame to track participants’ faces, ensuring that all meeting attendees are always within the frame. The Easy Launch function, along with a one-cable connection, simplifies the process of starting online meetings.

Both the CS-800 and the CS-500 are certified Zoom Rooms hardware devices and have passed stringent tests set by Zoom, promising a reliable, high-quality video conferencing experience. The systems also come with an Auto-Wake Up function that automatically turns on the display when needed and a User Guide function that gives clear instructions for meeting startups.