Yamaha is releasing its latest soundbar with wireless subwoofer, the SR-B40A, compatible with Dolby Atmos three-dimensional audio format and offering significant enhancements to Clear Voice and Bass Extension features.

Clear Voice technology has been upgraded, adopting a new approach that makes human voices more audible and easier to discern in a wider range of languages, while the Bass Extension function provides greater ease when adjusting bass frequencies, allowing closer matching of the sound to the content.

Four different sound modes are accessible from the smartphone app or remote to match the sound to the content and desired mood. Standard mode is ideal for TV shows, while Stereo mode is best for music and concert videos, and the Game and Movie modes are pre-programmed for those two types of content. For even more bass, the Bass Extension mode provides deeper low-frequency reproduction.

In addition to four sound modes, the SR-B40A has rich low-frequency response thanks to the included 100-watt output wireless subwoofer. The built-in HDMI terminal supports the latest eARC and CEC implementations, allowing TV connection and control with a single cable. A comprehensive Tone Control function is included for finely dialing in the desired sound characteristic. 

Yamaha’s True Sound approach helps maximise the three-dimensional sound of Dolby Atmos, allowing sound to be felt not only from front/back and left/right, but also overhead for an immersive sound field. Precision-crafted speakers and advanced high-quality audio reproduction technology is supported by newly designed tone controls (via the dedicated app) allowing the user to tweak the sound to their desired state, while remaining true to the content.

At just 6.8cm high and 91cm wide, the SR-B40A soundbar is compact and can be installed on a TV stand. The design also employs softly rounded contours and high-quality fabric materials.

The Yamaha SR-B40A soundbar with wireless subwoofer will be available in September 2023 for RRP $649.