Yamaha is launching two new true wireless earbuds, the TW-ES5A sports model available in five colours and the TW-E7B flagship model. Both earbuds incorporate Yamaha’s unique Listening Care technology which provides intelligent equalization at any volume to support a safe music listening experience.

The TW-ES5A inherit Yamaha’s True Sound philosophy, delivering clear vocal and musical instrument sound, bringing listeners closer to the artist. The newly designed secure fit is complemented by an IPX7 waterproof rating and ambient sound mode.

The TW-ES5A deliver up to 34 hours of listening – nine hours from the earbuds and a further 25 hours from the charging case.

Unconventional for a true wireless earbud, the TW-E7B employs a large 10mm driver unit with a large-diameter voice coil for musical low-frequency reproduction. Unnecessary vibrations and echo interferences have been minimised due to the housing design, delivering clear high-frequencies and excellent spatial expression.

The elliptical design ensures a comfortable fit for different ear shapes and with a choice of five different ear-tip sizes, the earbuds promise full frequency reproduction over extended listening periods with low levels of fatigue.

Listening Optimizer analyses and corrects the effects of individual ear shapes and wearing in real time. The TW-E7B has an internal microphone which monitors the signal affected by the shape of the ear canal and how the earbud is worn, calculating the difference from the original audio signal, and correcting the difference.

Listening Care – Advanced can be found on the TW-E7B which factors in Content Volume (such as the dynamic range of music and different recording levels) and Surrounding Noise (the level of external noise) to deliver the optimal sound at any volume.

The TW-E7B offers up to 22 hours of listening with ANC turned on – six hours from the earbuds and a further 16 hours from the charging case.

Voice calls are crystal clear with both the TW-ES5A and TW-E7B thanks to Qualcomm cVc (Clear Voice Capture) technology. The MEMS microphones in both earbuds are dedicated to calls, separating the incoming voice from other noises during sound capture.

TrueWireless Mirroring, available on both models, enables independent left-right transmission for greater playback stability. The Role-Swap function prevents battery levels from decreasing unevenly by determining the primary/secondary units based on earbud status at the time of connection.

Gaming Mode that features on both models is a low-latency mode ideal for playing games or watching video content on portable devices. Thanks to in-ear detection, when one earbud is removed, music will automatically pause while replacing the earbud will initiate playback to resume.

The accompanying Headphone Control app provides additional features such as EQ adjustments.