By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: In a month that has seen unprecedented coverage of the challenges facing traditional retailers, such as online sales, overhead costs and low consumer sentiment, Canon Australia has revealed that it is monitoring price fluctuations and retail competitiveness at a store level.

Canon’s director of consumer imaging, Jason McLean, said the supplier was ready to act should price differences between online and in-store become so disparate that bricks and mortar retail is being actively disadvantaged.

“Current conditions have contributed to price disparities between Australia and other markets and the relatively recent rise of online trade has brought these disparities to the fore,” McLean said. “Canon is monitoring price movements very closely and working with the retail trade to ensure local competitiveness from a global perspective.”

McLean said that Canon has already responded to these threats, with “action taken” to ensure its mid-to-high end camera products remain competitive.

“We believe that this action will help address issues around local value in key camera categories. As retailers adjust their offers and consumers evaluate the total value proposition — including selling price, promotions, after sales service, and warranty support — we expect the local market to reset itself to compete comfortably in a global context.”

To further emphasise the inherent value of shopping at established bricks and mortar locations, McLean stressed that retail should be sold on the entire value proposition, of which price is only one factor.

“Consumers need to be aware of differences between various retailers locally and overseas around stock availability, delivery costs and after sales support. If anything goes wrong, consumers certainly appreciate a quality service operation with local warranty cover or extended warranty options.”

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