By James Wells

SYDNEY: Yenda Lee, the wife of the former Bing Lee chief executive, the late Ken Lee, has become the new ‘voice’ of the company and will conduct the voiceover for the retailer’s famous radio commercials.

Yenda’s son and newly-appointed Bing Lee chief executive officer, Lionel Lee, told the new voice of the company had taken on the role without any prior marketing or media experience. Yenda will end the radio advertisements using the new slogan “come and meet our team”, replacing the slogan made famous by Ken Lee – “come and meet my team”.

“She is a lot easier to work with than Dad – she is much quicker,” Lionel said.

“She had a very similar reaction to Dad when I suggested that she feature in the radio advertisements – but after some cajoling she decided to have a go and she has taken to it like a duck to water,” he said.

“Having Yenda voice the radio advertisements reinforces the family values of our brand which have been paramount for us and one of the secrets of our success.”

No commitment has been made as to who will represent the company for its television commercials, which use a separate slogan – “I like Bing Lee” – a modification of the Monty Python song “I like Chinese”.