By Patrick Avenell

If you were to draw a Venn diagram of iPhone users and Nespresso coffee drinkers, the ellipse would be significant. It's not surprising, therefore, that Nespresso has developed a coffee shop for your pocket in the form of its official iPhone app.

The handy map can locate your nearest Nespresso retailers.

The company that encourages you to live like George for a day by visiting one of its Boutiques (also known as Embassies…), now has an e-boutique, which can substantially cut out the middleman for users looking for coffee pods, news and information without the need to leave their Nespresso machine’s side. 

Available for free from the App Store (and there is an Android version available from the Market), the app gives you access to the Nespresso Club to place pod orders, has information on how to best recycle the used capsules and has a map to help users locate their nearest Nespresso official dealer. Retailers can also use this app to showcase the Nespresso ecosystem when displaying machines in store, such as the new Maestria range unveiled yesterday.

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The app forms a significant part of Nespresso’s global e-commerce platform, which is expanding rapidly, according to insiders at the Swiss company’s Australian office.

“The Nespresso e-commerce platform is our largest boutique and allows our Club Members to tap into the world of Nespresso whenever they want, wherever they want,” said a local executive. “We have a 24-hour ordering system for coffee, machines and accessories and over 180,000 unique customers visit our sites on a daily basis around the world.

“Our online boutique is our leading sales channel, generating 51 per cent of our sales.

“The Nespresso iPhone app lets users take advantage of our services from a remote location. They can order their capsules, find a boutique location and drop off your used capsules at a recycling collection point all at the touch of a button.”


The Nespresso app has tips on how to recycle the used pods.


A wholly unscientific Venn diagram explaining the connection between iPhone users and Nespresso drinkers.