By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Flash data storage card supplier, SanDisk Corporation, has launched its Sansa e200 range of mp3 players via a controversial new advertising campaign involving its new mascot, Lil’ Monsta.

Last month, SanDisk embarked upon its controversial new viral advertising campaign known as iDont.

Upon entry to, a multitude of sheep sporting iPod-esque earbuds can be seen before SanDisk’s Lil’ Monsta proceeds to devour the entire herd. Dwelling within the website are posters and paraphernalia alluring to a revolt against Apple’s iPod, with slogans such as iFollow, iDroid and iPuppet in abundance.

“We had tremendous response to the iDon’t campaign, which launched a spirited discussion over the merits of open versus closed music systems,” said SanDisk executive vice president and general manager of consumer products and corporate marketing, Nelson Chan.

Such images are paramount to SanDisk’s latest attempt to lure the masses away from the ubiquitous iPod mp3 player, encourage an open music platform and introduce the Lil’ Monsta and the Sansa range.

“We think that marketing for mp3 players has been much too serious, and so we are taking a tongue-in-cheek approach.

“Lil’ Monsta delivers the message that our Sansa e200 player has plenty of capacity to store and play content – and not just music. It has the value-added features of storing and playing video clips and digital images, and at prices that rival those of other players on the market.”

The Sansa e200 mp3 player range consists of the 2GB e250, 4GB e260 and 6GB e270 with prices ranging from RRP $279 to RRP $439.