By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: The NSW Industrial Relations Commission has delivered its new guidelines for employers in relation to young workers and the Work Choices legislation and ANRA’s Margy Osmond has claimed it will create more red tape for retailers.

“The announcement made by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission will mean a confusing and onerous new burden of red-tape and regulation for the major employers in New South Wales,” said Australian National Retailers Association (ANRA) CEO, Margy Osmond.

“We are very disappointed to see yet more confusing regulation which will change across different levels of government and see the major retailers effectively ‘serving two masters’ from a regulatory perspective.

“Retailers are already wasting time and money navigating a minefield of inconsistent and complex laws and today’s addition is one that will benefit nobody – it creates even more barriers to the employment of young Australians.

“The major retailers employ more young people than any other sector and pride themselves on being ’employers of choice’, this judgment by the Commission will simply mean more paperwork and less certainty,” she said.