By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Samsung Electronics Australia has launched a re-vamp of their customer website, designed to unify the company’s global product information distribution but better separate business and consumer information.

Samsung online marketing manager Steve Yu said the new site catered for all customers, with differing levels of detail depending on needs, and offered a separation of business and consumer information impossible with the previous design.

“The new design really caters for a large spread of customers with information at differing levels of detail. The everyday buyer can review products at a summary level and see if it suits their needs, ‘enthusiasts’ can research more detailed product features and the ‘purists’ can browse through complete technical specifications and compare speeds and feeds.

“With the old site design we were limited in our ability to highlight the many powerful business products that we manufacture as both consumer and business product were grouped together,” said Yu. “Business to business sales are very important to the company’s strategy, and the new website leads the way in delivering better product information for this audience.”

Samsung pointed to internet research company Hitwise’s data that indicated pre-purchase research for consumer electronics products had grown significantly over the last few years, with 29 out of 30 search terms during the October 2007 peak buying period for branded electronics products.

Samsung also claimed it had five million unique visitors to the Samsung site in 2007, and hoped to increase traffic with the new website.

“With the growing trend of customers seeking product information on the Internet, it is essential for our new site to deliver a comprehensive and visually stimulating experience,” said Yu.