By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: TDK today announced it will supply single-sided 8cm Blu-ray discs for video cameras with 7.5GB storage, which will be available in both BD-R and BD-RW versions.

High definition camcorders using the discs, of which there are currently very few on the Australian market following Hitachi’s exit from the market, will store up to 60 minutes of full HD recording.

TDK has also employed its Durabis coating for the discs for scratch resistance.

“TDK’s Blu-ray media can handle the rigours and demands of camcorder use without the threat of damage and subsequent loss of recorded material,” said TDK Life on Record’s marketing and communications manager, Bree McKenzie.

McKenzie claimed the launch of these discs represents a world-first.

“The launch of Blu-ray camcorder media is significant in today’s HD environment and for TDK Life on Record, it’s a technological breakthrough representing another milestone in our company’s history – this time as the first to meet the market’s demand for HD data storage media for BD camcorders,” said McKenzie.

TDK now operates under the name TDK Life On Record in Australia due to a licensing agreement struck with TDK Japan after the brand was bough by Imation.