Tefal’s latest innovation will make a great addition to kitchens this Mothers Day, as it combines two appliances in the one. With this new appliance you can cook poached, scrambled and boiled eggs within minutes as well as toasting your bread. It will perform each function separately or all at once for a few minutes.

tefal toast-n-egg

The Toast n Egg enables users to toast 2 slices of bread, muffins or bagels and at the same time will either poach or fry a single egg or boil up to 4 eggs. On the controls for the toaster you simply select toast only, egg only or both toast n egg.
To boil an egg fill the measuring cup it comes with, to the desired amount of water (marked on the container are scales showing the number of eggs you are cooking together with whether you want the egg hard, medium or soft), pour the water into the egg compartment, pierce the top of your egg with the egg piercer on the bottom of the measuring cup and then insert the egg into the boiled egg holder, pop the lid onto it and switch it on. It cooks eggs by steaming them and the Toast n Egg boils the water until it boils dry and then has an auto shut off and within minutes your eggs are cooked, your toast toasted and your breakfast is done.

Making poached eggs can sometimes prove a bit of a juggling act and at its not always that easy to prepare and cook. With Toast n’ Egg, making a healthy and nutritious breakfast every morning has never been easier.

Toast n’ Egg features an egg poaching tray for muffin sized cooked eggs as well as a steamer tray for hard boiled and soft boiled eggs. The wide slot two slice toaster is ideal for muffins, toast or bagels and also featured a warming tray for heating mushrooms, spinach or pre-cooked meats and sausages.

Toast n Egg features include:

  • 2 slice black toaster
  • 3 settings: eggs only, toast only and combined egg & toast operation
  • Wide slots for toast, muffi ns, croissants and bagels
  • Egg poaching tray
  • Steaming tray for hard boiled eggs
  • Warming tray for pre-cooked meats
  • Mid Cycle Cancel button
  • Variable browning control (1 to 5)
  • High-lift lever
  • Bun warming rack
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Cord storage
  • Power: 1200W

Tefal Toast N Egg
Three cooking menus to cook eggs, toast or both
Extra wide and deep slots; High-lift lever
Steaming tray and poaching tray included
Warming tray for pre-cooked meats; Cancel setting

RRP: $79.95
Groupe SEB (02) 9748 7944