By Sarah Falson

TUGGERAH, NSW: Belkin, best known for its iPod accessories, is venturing into the notebook computer accessories sphere with a new range of soft bags and stands to be sold through Harvey Norman, Domayne, Retravision, Officeworks, Clive Peeters, JB Hi-Fi and Myer stores.

The range, called ‘Laptop @ Home’, is designed to provide users with a more comfortable and posture-friendly experience when using a laptop while sitting on the lounge, bed or floor.

According to Belkin, a December 2005 study conducted by the company in conjunction with market research group Insight Express found that 39 per cent of laptop users rarely or never take their laptops out of the home.

The same study found that 43 per cent of laptop owners stow their laptops in the family room, while only half of these same people also use their laptops in other areas of the home.

“With more and more laptops being used primarily in the home, home users need laptop tools that are specifically designed for use in their home, and not necessarily for the mobile road warrior,” said a statement issued by Belkin.

“Using a laptop computer on your lap can be uncomfortable due to bad wrist posture and hot laptop-bottom surfaces. The Laptop @ Home range solves these problems, making it more convenient and comfortable to use your laptop anywhere in your home.”

Three products make up the range: the Cushtop (RRP $69.95) resembles a cushion and sits between the users’ lap and the laptop, providing height and comfort, and includes a storage compartment for the laptop, power cord and mouse; the PocketTop (RRP $79.95) acts as a mobile workstation and doubles as a case, with a built-in cooling pad to keep the heat from penetrating the bottom surface of the case; and the SleeveTop (RRP $69.95) is a case with easy-carrying handles and a hard surface, that flips open to reveal a mobile workstation.

Each model comes in either silver, orange or green.