By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: LG Electronics has been marketing two refrigerator models with incorrect energy efficiency labels, according to consumer advocate publisher, Choice.

The two models, L197NFS and P197WFS, both contained an illegal device that is able to manipulate the refrigerators’ energy efficiency results when tested in professional conditions. As a result, the actual energy consumption of these two models was found by Choice to be significantly higher: 876 kilowatt hours per year compared to the promoted 738.

The Sydney Morning Herald today reports that LG is offering purchasers of these two refrigerators $331 in compensation. Full refunds, however, have not been offered.

This is another in a growing list of greenwashing claims against the Korean manufacturer, with the ACCC previously investigating the company for claims it made about its air conditioners and washing machines.

In March 2005, LG was forced to correct misleading representations about its washing machines. In this instance, LG was selling four models it claimed had 4A Ratings by the Water Services Association of Australia, but the machines had not been certified at the time of sale.

Then, in September 2006, LG had to pay back $3.1 million to consumers who had purchased one of five different LG air conditioners after it was discovered these models did not comply with energy efficiency claims conveyed on the labels. has contacted LG for more insight into these greenwashing cases. We will publish any response we receive.