By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Lifecycles are getting shorter in TV and not because the product reached the end of its useful life but because new technology is emerging faster and faster and LG Electronics’ new 200 Hz LCD Full HD TV is one example.

LG’s new LH50 LCD HDTV series

New in 2009 for LG Electronics Australia is the ‘TruMotion 200Hz’ with a Super In Plane Switching (S-IPS) panel. Both the technologies provide much faster picture response times according to LG.

At a product launch at the Melbourne Formula 1 GP in Melbourne on Sunday, LG unveiled its latest TVs for 2009, including the LH50 LCD HDTV series with ‘TruMotion 200Hz’ and S-IPS.

LG says that the S-IPS panel provides faster response times and maintains better color and contrast at “off-axis” viewing angles. LG also says that S-IPS provides a more vivid and clear motion picture and “virtually eliminates” color wash.

TruMotion 200 Hz complements S-IPS by using a backlight technology to improve motion picture response time from 100 Hz to 200 Hz in a bid to reduce motion blur during the fastest moving scenes.

LG also stated that other manufacturers’ 200 Hz systems use a double process of Motion Estimation-Motion Compensation (MEMC) to insert “pseudo” data into the image in order to increase response time. LG claims that this process can add unwanted motion artefacts into the picture.

The LH50 LCD HDTV series is available from April 2009 in the following sizes and RRPs:

37 inch LH50 LCD HDTV, RRP $2,199
42 inch LH50 LCD HDTV, RRP $2,999
47 inch LH50 LCD HDTV, RRP $3,499
55 inch LH50 LCD HDTV, RRP $4,499