By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: An internal national customer survey on Electrolux’s service conducted during September and October revealed that 97.5 per cent of respondents rated the company’s service ‘very highly’ and 92 per cent would recommend the service to friends and family.

Pre-addressed and postage paid surveys forms were left with customers whenever an Electrolux service agent made a service call. According to a company statement, almost 500 customers completed and returned the Electrolux service survey forms. More surveys will be conducted during November and December before evaluation of responses and action.

An average of 97.5 per cent of respondents ‘very highly’ rated the Electrolux receptionists’ and service technicians’ courtesy, reliability and helpful attitude. Also, 92 per cent of them said they would recommend Electrolux technicians to friends.

Over the years, consumer advocate bodies have reportedly received more complaints about whitegoods service than any other category. A common complaint was that consumers took time off work and waited around home all day for appliance servicemen who never arrived for their appointment.

“These surveys show that those bad old days are definitely over,” said Electrolux NSW state manager – operations, Brian Smith.

“Not only do our technicians turn up when we say they will but we give our customers reminder calls prior to their appointment and an indication of whether it will be in the morning or afternoon.”

Smith said that efforts are being made to further improve these latter two areas and to advise of any delay in repairs.

“But we’re encouraged by the fact that we have achieved a national 85 per cent ‘first time fix rate’ from our service calls,” he said.

A total of eight service technicians from each state in Australia have won $50 gift vouchers in the company’s ‘Excellence In Service’ awards, in connection with the surveys.