By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: LG Australia held its official media launch for its new five megapixel ‘Viewty’ mobile phone but said it would delay its advertising campaign until after Christmas to avoid getting lost in the pre-Christmas rush.

Mobile communications marketing manager Carli Wilson said the phone completed the company’s range of handsets and would “speak to a broader audience” than the recently launched Prada-branded phone.

“With this phone, we’ve really shifted our focus to the high functionality category,” she said.

The touch screen phone claims to have the world’s first 120 frames per second video recording option, while still mode allows both manual and autofocus. The phone can take pictures in low light conditions, thanks to sensitivity up to ISO 800 and a xenon flash.

However, Wilson said the company’s $2 million advertising campaign for the phone would commence in late January, when the public “are ready to start spending money on these kinds of devices.”

When it commences, the campaign will appear on television, as well as in print, outdoor and online.

The phone has already commenced sale, with Hutchison Telecom’s 3 network first off the rank, with other networks to follow.