By Claire Reilly

Times might be tough, but Game will fight through the storm. That’s according to staff at the embattled retailer who say that, rather than facing disgruntled consumers haggling over gift vouchers and store credit, they’ve been faced with concerned customers who’ve come in to “see how the store was going”. visited one of Game Australia’s stores today to see how staff members were dealing with the company’s administration on the shopfloor.

Consumers were still coming in to purchase, and the staff were still happily serving, despite the revelation on Monday that the company was in dire financial straits. The only real limitation, according to one staff member, was that the store was not able to take Eftpos payments (there was a small sign next to the cash register to confirm this) or accept trade-ins. Otherwise, he said, it was “business as usual”.

One staffer also noted that many regulars had popped into the store to check up on things and to see how the familiar faces behind the sales desk were faring.

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Follow on Twitter spoke to Sydney area manager Patrick West, who said that individual stores were being given “a great amount of support” during the uncertain administration process. He said that while the situation was not ideal, things were going remarkably smoothly and the Game team was just looking forward to a resolution being found.

According to West, Game was looking into its options with potential buyers and the company hopes to survive as a strong retail chain into the future.