With many brands talking about a future that involves Smart Ovens, Smart Fridges and myriad other ‘Smart’ appliances, Samsung has come good on the promise of the connected home with this week’s launch of its first ever Wi-Fi enabled Washer Dryer Combo.

The machine allows users to control their washing and drying cycles remotely with the help of the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer App — you can start a load of washing when you’re at work, or finish off the drying on this morning’s load before you get home, without the need to actually walk into the laundry and press the buttons.

While those smarts certainly come at a premium (the machine is almost $3,000) there is certainly a dedicated demographic for whom such convenience will be worth the cost. The connectivity also makes for a good point of difference amongst the whitegoods on the retail floor.


The Samsung Washer Dryer Combo (WD10F7S7SRP/SA) is available now in “major retail stores” for RRP $2,899.