By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: TDK Australia has realeased its new Tremor Cubic Speaker System, with the previous 2.1 audio format of two speakers and a subwoofer being combined into one simple retro-cube design.

Incorporating NXT flat panel speaker technology, the new 40 watt Tremor Cubic Speaker System Xa-40 (RRP $59.95) is aimed squarely at younger consumers willing to embrace new technology and is designed with Apple’s ubiquitous iPod mp3 player in mind.

“We feel that anyone with an iPod will be interested in acquiring a Tremor Cubic Speaker System – the speakers are a perfect match to the iPod – or any mp3 device – and enables music to be shared. Tremor Cubic offers the evolution of a personal musical experience into a sociable one, therefore we have great confidence in the saleability of our new Tremor Xa-40 Cubic Sound System,” said TDK Australia marketing executive, Bree McKenzie.

The new speaker system features simple plug and play operation and is compatible with any audio-out equipped device, including mp3 players, PCs, laptops, televisions and gaming consoles, while the flat panel 2.1 channel acoustic sound system also offers a built-in subwoofer for distortion free, low-end deep bass response.

The TDK Tremor Xa-40 Cubic Speaker System will be available from mid August 2006.