By Claire Reilly

Fujifilm launched the newest addition to its X-Series range of digital cameras yesterday – the high-end, interchangeable-lens X-Pro 1.

Designed for professional photographers and amateur snappers aspiring to upgrade their kit, the camera was unveiled by a team of Fujifilm honchos, including Hiroshi Kawahara, operations manager at Fujifilm Corporation Tokyo, who described the camera as the “pinnacle of the X-Series”.

Following the launch of the silver X100 (which was the most Googled camera in the world in 2011, according to the company), as well as the limited edition black X100 model, the X-Pro 1 joins the X10 and the XS1, which were released in September 2011 and January 2012 respectively.

The new professional camera features four components that are new to the X-Series range, including the upgraded X Mount, the X-Trans CMOS Sensor, a Hybrid Multi Viewfinder, and the Fujinon Interchangeable “XF” Lenses.

Designed specifically for the X-Pro 1, the new X Mount features as shorter back focus designed to maximise the mirrorless design of the camera body, and a sensor cleaning system that shakes dust off the sensor before switching off. The CMOS sensor has been upgraded to reduce distortion in photos, while a new EXR processor has been added for quicker image processing.

Finally, the Hybrid Multi Viewfinder (which allows the user to shoot with optical and electronic viewing options) automatically adjusts magnification to suit the focal length of the lens that is being used at any given time.

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Three single-focal length XF Lenses are available with the camera at launch, including the 18mm F2.0 (27mm equivalent) for RRP $699, the 35mm F1.4 (53mm equivalent) for RRP $699, and the 60mm F2.4 (91mm equivalent) for RRP $749.

Heavily involved in the development of the camera, Hiroshi Kawahara said that in order to build a stronger Fujifilm brand, it was necessary to build a camera of this calibre.

“The X-Pro 1 was the goal, but it is also the beginning of the new X-Series,” said Kawahara.

“When we developed the product, we targeted professional photographers and while developing, we received feedback from many professionals,” he said. “But we don’t limit the camera just to professional use, because everyone wants to take photos of a high quality.

“We recommend the camera to consumers who want a high quality product that can be used for many years. It’s not as complicated as other digital cameras, it’s similar to other analogue cameras.”

The full suite of lenses and accessories will be sold through 9 pro dealers, while the kit will be available through 30 to 40 retailers across Australia. Retailers include Photo Reseller, George’s and Michael’s.

The Fujifilm X-Pro 1 is available for RRP $1,799 (body only), while a X-Pro 1 Kit (including the 35mm lens) is available for RRP $2,499.

Professional photographers Michael Coyne (left) and Christian Fletcher (centre), with Fujifilm Australia MD, Dave Marshall. The three men stand in front of images taken by the photographers in rural Australia, using the X-Pro 1.

Operations manager for Fujifilm Corporation Tokyo, Hiroshi Kawahara (left) and Fujifilm Australia CEO Mitch Kuono.

The new X-Pro 1.