Pioneer Electronics has announced that all existing and future plasma TV warranties will be honoured by the company, despite its plans to withdraw from the global flat panel market by March 2010.

Toshio Izumi, managing director of Pioneer Electronics Australia, reassured customers that Pioneer will maintain all its after-sales services for plasma, and customers will continue to benefit from applicable warranties.

“Naturally, Pioneer Australia continues to support consumers who purchase our plasma screens with a committed five year warranty on all KURO LX-series and monitor screens, as well as a three year warranty on the C-series model,” he said.

He also stressed that consumers and retailers alike can continue to count on Pioneer even after their exit from the category.

“Pioneer Australia will uphold its after-sales support on plasma well beyond the company’s official exit from the flat panel market.”

After Pioneer’s shock announcement last week, the company has apparently seen a dramatic increase in local demand for its plasma screens.

“We anticipate the award-winning KURO range may sell-out as early as spring 2009,” the company wrote in a statement.

Pioneer is currently working on new strategies for the Australian market, and will focus its attention on audio, home audio, mobile electronics (car audio and navigation), and Pro DJ products for upcoming sales periods.