By Chris Nicholls

OSAKA: Sharp released 22 new Aquos televisions and three new Blu-ray recorders with hard discs up to 1 TB in Japan yesterday, with all bar their bottom two models full HD.

The new televisions, split into D-Series, G-Series and R-Series models, all boast higher contrast ratios than before, with the flagship R-Series claiming the “world’s highest” dynamic contrast ratio for an LCD television, with 20,000:1. The more mainstream D- and G-Series televisions both claim 15,000:1 contrast ratios.

Sharp said the higher contrast ratios came from switching the LED backlight levels frame by frame to match the image and their 12-bit BDE (Bit Depth Expansion) system.

All bar the G-Series come in at least two colour choices, with the more lifestyle-oriented D-Series available in black, white and red for all sizes. The R-Series comes in black or a light brown colour.

D-Series models are available in 32-, 37- and 42-inch sizes, while the G-Series will come in 26- to 52-inch sizes, covering the standard size points. The R-Series will only be available in 46-, 52- and 65-inch sizes.

Sharp has also listed initial production volumes for the new televisions, with the 37-inch D-Series set to be bulk seller with 25,000 units made in the first month. Other models’ runs will range between 5,000 to 15,000 units.

Sharp’s new Blu-ray recorders, which offer 250 GB 500 GB and 1 TB hard discs, are, Sharp claims, the industry’s first to allow long-play recording to Blu-ray, with two- and three-times long play modes.

The new recorders also come with an “eco mode”, which only switches the player on to record programs the user has put into the timer list, saving a claimed 70 per cent of power compared to normal use, and an ‘Aquos Pure Mode’, to record at the highest possible quality.

All TV and recorder models will go on sale from 1 July, but prices are not set.

Australian release dates, models and prices were unavailable at time of publication.