By James Wells

SYDNEY: Daewoo Electronics could sell up to 19 vacuum cleaners in the Australian market ranging from $69 to $699 when the brand launches its range of bagged and bagless products locally next month.

Daewoo expects to launch its product range next month in Sydney with a range of vacuum cleaners which will be brought into Australia from Korea and China.

According to Daewoo Electronics Australia sales manager, Marcos Pesce, the range of products will start with a $69 bagless model targeted to stores such as Big W through to an upright bagless product which is likely to retail for $699.

Also featured in the range will be a bagged product marketed to pet owners.

“Most Australian consumers are not aware that Daewoo is a major player in the home electronics market with their home theatre systems and domestic appliances,” Pesce said.

“Daewoo has been producing vacuum cleaners since 1984, and have developed its range with the latest technologies available. Total vacuum cleaner sales for Daewoo in 2005, was $US25 million worldwide.

“In 2003, Daewoo Electronics produced cutting edge hypo-allergenic and health optimising vacuum cleaners through the adoption of nanosilver sterilising technology. A dust free cyclonic product called “Power Cyclean” that enhances the health and well being of users, was released in the first half of 2004 and since then has enjoyed great success in both the domestic and international markets. Daewoo has developed a Dust Compression System ( a Daewoo patent ) for their cyclonic vacuum cleaners greatly improving the amount of dust pick. Incorporating nano silver technology and using HEPA filters means the air flow is not only sterilized of bacteria, but also deodorized.

Latest environment friendly technologies, styled into attractive, easy to use models that have the benefits to enhance healthy lifestyles. Drawing on vast experience in the manufacturing industry, Daewoo offers a well produced range of vacuum cleaners at current competitive pricing.

“Tapping into the current success overseas means there are no problems with supply of any model, or accessories, or spare parts. Warranty and service to Daewoo vacuum cleaners has been addressed by appointment of a national service agent.”