By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Sennheiser has released a set of five new ‘street’ style headphones, with lower-priced models offering bass response specifically designed for younger people’s tastes.

According to a release, the HD408, 418 and 428 are all tuned specially for strong bass and achieve that via closed backs on the HD418 and 428 and varying strengths of neodymium drivers on all models.

The top HD438 and 448 models are designed for more balanced sound, but being higher-end models, offer greater frequency response in the lower ranges than their cheaper cousins.

The closed back designs not only help with bass but removes some background noise.

Each of the closed back models has a different design, with the HD418s using a black and white wave pattern, the 428s a subdued matte black rubber effect, the 438s a five-spoke chrome look and the top 448s using a matte black and stainless logo bar design.

While three of the models are aimed specifically at street use, Sennheiser’s global headphone product manager, Maurice Quarré, said all models were capable of handling home and outdoor needs.

“Many headphones are either optimised for use with portable players or are designed to be used with home hi-fi systems,” said Quarré. “But many music lovers want headphones that can do both, and ones that can always be relied on to offer superb sound — no matter which audio source they are connected to. These models offer such characteristics”

Prices for the models range from $99.95 RRP for the HD418 (prices for the HD408 are TBC) and rise to $169.95 for the HD448.