Nintendo has just released the news that an upgrade to the hugely successful Nintendo DS will be released in Australia and New Zealand on 2 April 2009.

The Nintendo DSi is a new slimmer unit and comes with various new and improved features to attract gamers.

The first of its new features is the Nintendo DSi Camera, which is a real-time interactive imaging software that allows users to manipulate and play with images in a variety of different ways. It boasts 11 different lens types which allow gamers to edit, morph and distort their photos.

Nintendo claims that this new feature is a completely different experience compared to any other portable device on the market.

As well as this, Nintendo is also incorporating Nintendo DSi Sound, which offers the ability to listen to music stored on a SD card.

The Nintendo DSi will now also be able to browse the internet through a Nintendo DSi Browser which will be available for a free download at launch. This new feature will give gamers access to the Nintendo DSi Shop, where they can purchase new software for download, such as DSiWare.

DSiWare will not only offer games, but applications which will help users to personalise their DSi.

The new upgraded DSi will also feature dual LCD screens that boast to be 17 per cent larger than the Nintendo DS.

One downside of this new upgrade is the fact that the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot has been removed, but Nintendo has said that this was to improve the design of the console and as a result the company has created a slimmer unit.

The new Nintendo DSi will be available in matte black or matte white and will RRP for $299.95 in Australia and $375 in New Zealand (based on current NZ exchange rate).