A Queensland childcare worker today failed in her bid to become Australia’s newest millionaire, unable to pick the winning image out of 100 in Canon’s Pick the $1,000,000 Picture Christmas promotion. Joanne Burrows, however, was still happy to have won the $10,000 consolation prize.

“This is the best Christmas present ever and a dream-come-true for my fiancée and me,” said Ms Burrows. “My fiancée bought me a Canon LEGRIA camcorder for Christmas and I entered Canon’s Christmas promotion to receive the fantastic bonus carry bag and also to enter the ‘Pick the $1,000,000 Picture’ draw.

“I can’t believe I had the opportunity to win $1 million: the excitement has been beyond anything I ever imagined. Although I’m not a millionaire today, I do walk away with an incredible $10,000 cash which will certainly come in handy as we prepare for our wedding!”

Canon Australia assistant GM of marketing, David Goldman, said this promotion had successfully attracted consumers.

“The ‘Pick the $1,000,000 Picture’ campaign exemplifies Canon’s approach of engaging consumers in unique and exciting ways and working with retailers to deliver a strong cross-category consumer promotion,” he said “We were pleased to reward Joanne Burrows with a cheque for $10,000 – it was a great way to wrap up our successful Christmas promotion.”