By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Although we shouldn’t expect any 3D dishwashers or internet protocol microwaves, smart appliances are back on the agenda for LG Electronics. The company, famous for introducing the internet browser to the refrigerator, is planning on reinvigorating the smart home concept in 2011, according to Home Entertainment senior marketing manager Tim Barnes.

In addition to THINQ, the high concept smart technology ideal announced at CES, LG is also planning on synchronising the home entertainment space through its new Magic Motion Remote. Barnes promised infinite possibilities when discussing this with

"Smart Technology is our primary focus in 2011 and this will be reflected through our wide-range of products,” he said. “Smart TVs will be introduced into Australia in the first half of 2011, giving people the chance to access limitless entertainment through uniquely user-friendly Magic Motion Remote and intuitive user interface.

“We’ve also got some important partnerships with content providers planned in 2011 that will ensure consumers have a huge range of entertainment to choose from.

“Smart Technology has also appeared in our Home Appliances division with technologically-advanced refrigerators, ovens and washer dryers that will take the home into the future.”

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