By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Samsung’s recently released Blu-ray home theatre system, the HT-BD2T, has been so successful, demand is close to outstripping supply, said CTV/AV product manager, Jeff Peake.

In a recent interview with, Peake said the BD2T had been a huge hit.

“The Blu-ray system has just been an unbelievable success for us, really. We’ve completely outstripped any expectations for the market. It’s just a real testament to the Australian consumer that once the technology is set [referring to HD DVD’s demise], they tend to jump on it pretty quickly.”

Peake said as a result of the huge demand, the product was on back order, but re-assured retailers such orders were being filled “very quickly”, due to regular shipments.

A recent meeting with Korean executives revealed Australia was actually one of the top two markets in the world for the system, he said.

He said he saw Blu-ray today at the tipping point before it exploded in popularity, just as DVD was a few years ago.