By Patrick Avenell

One of the most popular marketing ploys for major appliance brands at the moment are partnerships with celebrity chefs and their restaurants. Capturing the zeitgeist of food and celebrity culture, leading suppliers are riding the wave of MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules success to associate their brands more with the end product than with the process.

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In the first part of a new series on, we look at three such partnerships formed by Electrolux Home Products.

Quay Restaurant – Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney

The restaurant famous for its 360-degree views of Sydney Harbour and the near-mythical Snow Egg from MasterChef’s first season is one of Electrolux’s major partners. Chef Peter Gilmore (pictured above) is a brand ambassador and claims to use Electrolux at home and at work.

“I have always been a huge fan of Electrolux appliances for both professional chefs and for within the home,” Gilmore said. “The company applies its commercial knowledge to its domestic appliances to create innovative and forward-thinking products.

“Electrolux has a commitment to innovation and high quality which mirrors what I try to achieve at Quay. Electrolux is also a great supporter of the hospitality industry, sponsoring initiatives like Appetite for Excellence, which is why I choose to be an ambassador for them.”

Tetsuya’s Restaurant – Suntory Building in Sydney

Arguably Australia’s most famous Japanese inspired French restaurant, Tet’s is famous for its $305 10-course degustation with matching wines and notoriously long waiting list. The man behind this favourite locale for wedding anniversaries, Tetsuya Wakuda (pictured above), uses the Ebony collection of Electrolux appliances in his kitchen.

“An inspiring and practical kitchen environment is a key ingredient to cooking perfection — this is why I choose to use Electrolux products,” Tetsuya said. “What is unique about the company is that it continually uses the feedback from the use of its products to innovate and advance the domestic appliance market, with its products always offering thoughtful design, premium quality and complete reliability.”

Eat Art Truck – On a road somewhere in Sydney

One of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s masterstrokes is the advent of mobile restaurants, such as Mo Moubayed’s Eat Art Truck (pictured above), which travels the Emerald City’s trendiest locales offering lunch, dinner and late dinner dishes to hipsters, revellers and uni students. Moubayed has partnered with Electrolux, with a number of appliances being used to prepare food, while the truck itself acts as a moving billboard for the brand.

Do you know of other partnerships between restaurants and appliance brands? Get in touch to be featured in an upcoming edition of Restaurant Insider.