By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Electrolux has entered the growing water efficient top-load washer market with their new Water Aid four-star WELS rated machines.

The washers, available in 8kg (EWT959SA) and 9.5kg (EWT819SA) sizes, use load-sensing technology to gauge the precise amount of water needed for each wash, cutting water use by up to 7,800 litres a year (if customers were to use them every day).

Electrolux director of product marketing, John Brown, said the technology was particularly useful, given Australian washing habits.

“The average Australian wash load is 3.2kg, which is less than 50 per cent of the average machine capacity – which can be anywhere from between 6 – 9 kg. This means that when an average washing machine fills, it is often using double the amount of water that it needs to,” he said.

“A lot of washing machines on the market claim to be water efficient, but quickly loose efficiency if they are not loaded to their capacity. The Electrolux Water Aid uses a patented system that recirculates water to ensure it is only used where it is needed.”

The Water Aid also has a two-compartment detergent drawer to distribute detergent and softener at “optimal times during the cycle” and avoid detergent build-ups.

Customers can also use the machines’ delay start and wash time options to control start and finish times, while the in-agitator filter means clothes are washed top to bottom, reducing the risk of tangling.

Both Water Aid washers are available now. The 959SA sells for $1,319, while the 819SA retails for $1,159.