The autumnal equinox brings with it the first day of autumn and, supposedly, chilly weather and rugging up. The presence of Mother’s Day in southern autumn and generally mild weather on the Australian continent means there is still plenty of activity happening in the women’s personal care market.

Here is our wrap of the best brands and products…

For Mother’s Day 2014, Conair is entering the skincare segment with the launch of the True Glow Sonic Brush.  The True Glow brand is all about professional tools offering a full spa experience at home, for professional results, according to associate category manager Claire Durand.

“Unlike spinning devices, the True Glow Sonic Brush (CSFBA, RRP $119) oscillates at a frequency that produces over 300 movements per second for a professional cleansing action, literally shaking dirt and makeup from the pores without irritation,” Durand said. “The Sonic Cleansing Brush is gentle enough to be used twice daily on all skin types. This new way of cleansing minimises appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles and cleanses so thoroughly, skin care products absorb better.”

Conair True Glow Sonic Brush
Conair True Glow Sonic Brush (CSFBA, RRP $119).

First unveiled before Christmas to much acclaim and smash hit sales, the Curl Secret from VS Sassoon (VSP2667A, RRP $172), also supplied by Conair, will remain a focus during the Mother’s Day period.

“The Curl Secret will remain a marketing focus for Conair during the Mother’s Day period with a heavy print and online advertising spend. Coupled with lots in-store theatre and excitement we expect the Curl Secret to remain a big purchase item this Mother’s Day.”

VS Sassoon Curl Secret by Conair
VS Sassoon Curl Secret by Conair (VSP2667A RRP $172).

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We know that colours are big in the kitchen and now they are penetrating the bathroom as well! Here’s Elise Warner from Remington.

“Emerging in today’s market is the need for consumer individualism — consumers want to express their individuality and choose products that reflect this,” Warner said.

“It is estimated that 85 per cent of buying decisions are influenced by visual perception, specifically colour. With this in mind, Remington’s Mother’s Day collection 2013 welcomes the bright, loud and colourful into any hair styling regime with its innovative new Stylis Pro range.”

Remington hair dryers
Remington’s colourful new Stylis 3200 Pro hairdryers (RRP $39).
Remington Ceramic Pro straighteners
Remington Ceramic Pro straighteners (RRP $39).

This range combines what Warner calls “edgy style” with salon performance standards and comprises a hair dryer and a straightener in 12 colours. Both products are RRP $39.95.

Also new from Remington is the Curl Revolution (RRP $49.95), a wand with an in-built motor that automatically rotates the barrel, allowing users to achieve curly results in quick time.

In addition to introducing some interesting new personal care products, Belinda Sahlman, senior marketing manager for personal care at Philips, has some great tips to help staff with sell-through:

“Store staff should familiarise themselves with the season’s top selling products and thoroughly understand the features that make these products unique,” she advised.

“Knowing the step-up features within a range of products is also important in order to help navigate the consumer in their purchase selection and ideally trade consumers up to a higher priced product.

“Don’t forget to link sell — this is a great way to drive sales figures — so where there are accessories available encourage the consumer to buy now.

“It’s also good practice to promote your new products as early adopters will be drawn to the latest innovations and they’ll have a more positive impact on the bottom line thanks to their higher RRP.”

Philips’ new releases for Mother’s Day include the VisaPure facial cleaning brush (HP5265, RRP $199), the Pro Dryer (HPS920, RRP $199) and the AirStyler (HP8656, RRP $79).

Philips VisaPure facial cleaning brush
Philips VisaPure facial cleaning brush (HP5265 $199).

FitZone Solutions has a wide gamut of personal care gift ideas for mothers across both its Beurer and Elle by Beurer brands.

“Beurer continues to stand out with a portfolio of perfectly suited solutions for the Mother’s Day gift giving period,” said director Maria Russo.

“Selling the range in store is all about merchandising and engaged retail sales staff. Retailers who take pride in their display stock always appearing clean on shelf, clearly ticketed and easily accessible will always trade well during this season.

“Consumers are looking for choice; it’s not always the lowest priced solution that’s the ‘go to’ product. Knowledgeable staff can help guide a consumer to the best solution for their needs and consumers are often happy to pay more for a confident solution that’s suggested to them.”

Elle by Beurer UV Nail Dryer
Elle by Beurer UV Nail Dryer (MPE58, RRP $129).