By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC & SYDNEY, NSW: Pioneer Australia has this morning announced a new consumer promotion to stimulate sales of its BDP-120 Blu-ray player VSX-919AH AV receiver (both RRP $599). Consumers who purchase both these product together will receive, via redemption, a free 8GB iPod Nano (RRP $199) and iDock.

“The Bonus 8GB iPod Nano highlights the many talents of the VSX-919AH, which is designed as the most dynamic solution to connect and improve playback performance for your iPod or iPhone,” says Pioneer Australia head of product planning Tony Trent.

Pioneer reports that in addition to simple plug and play connectivity, the VSX-919AH adds a visual aspect to the traditional mobile device experience with full-colour artwork from a selected song or album that can be displayed on a connected HDTV.

This bundle is intended to compliment the partnership between Pioneer’s BDP-120 Blu-ray Disc player and VSX-919AH AV receiver. Built and designed for HD movie entertainment, Pioneer claimes the BDP-120 delivers 10 times better picture quality and 20 times better audio performance than a conventional DVD player.

“In addition to offering direct plug-and-play of your iPod or iPhone, the VSX-919AH is the centrepiece for all your HD movies and digital music, featuring HD audio decoding for the latest Blu-ray movies, multi-zone entertainment, HDMI connectivity, plus more,” said a Pioneer spokesperson.

This promotion will run until 30 September 2009.