By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Nifty two-in-one machines are on the up in Australian kitchens.

Like the juicer-come-blender combo, for example, or the recent Australian release of the Kenwood bench mixer with induction cooking. Combining two related tasks within one piece of equipment adds convenience and saves valuable bench top space.

Now Breville has combined a major growth category, slow cooking, with fast cooking. The Flavour Maker slow cooker (BSC500, RRP$149), to be released in September, features an EasySear pan that can be placed directly on stovetops to quickly sear ingredients thus locking in caramelised flavours. The same pan is then placed in the cooker for food to tenderise. A 5-litre pan offers an additional tidy solution for smaller kitchens.

Breville brand director Australasia, Dave Gubbin said this will be well received by consumers.

“The flavour retention that happens when you sear, cook and serve within the same pan – as with the EasySear slow cooker – is a huge benefit for those who love the convenience of slow cooking,” said Gubbin.

Considering the category’s growth, Gubbin expects the slow cooking category to sustain popularity beyond winter, in fact, to “transcend the seasons”.

“Momentum has continued to build for slow cookers and there is no reason to turn off the tap as spring approaches.”