By Craig Zammit

ILLINOIS, US: Salton has secured the exclusive rights to a new grill technology which utilises electrolysis to turn water into a clean-burning and inexpensive hydrogen flame.

Salton entered into the agreement with Omachron and Cropley Holdings, which will allow the company to manufacture and market the product under the George Foreman brand.

The grill, which operates from a standard power supply and electrical socket also incorporates electric heat and will look to provide consumers with a unique and innovative grilling technique.

“Satisfied owners of almost 80 million George Foreman grills sold to date will be happy to upgrade to these sensational grills that provide incredible results with all types of food,” said Salton CEO, Leon Dreimann.

First unveiled under non-disclosure agreements at the recent International Housewares Show, the grill received significant praise for its hydrogen on demand system.

“Our new technology efficiently and reliably generates hydrogen on demand. I am pleased that it allows Salton to introduce an exciting line of hydrogen-flame grills which bring the flavour and experience of outdoor barbequing indoors,” said Wayne Conrad, inventor and chief scientist at Omachron Science Inc.

The new technology will be integrated into the successful George Foreman range, with two grills expected to be released in 2007.

Details on Australian release were unavailable at the time of writing.