By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: From this month until mid-January 2009, NEC Display and Home Group will giving consumers free DVD movies by redemption with the purchase of selected NEC high definition LCD televisions with built-in DVD players.

The ‘Bang For Your Buck’ promotion allows consumers to redeem popular DVD titles when they purchase selected NEC LCD high definition televisions.

The promotion follows the success of its recent offer of five DVDs with the purchase of its Onyx Plus LCD high definition televisions and provides consumers with a greater selection of movies, including 10,000 BC, Mission Impossible, Antz, Failure to Launch, Great Escape, The Rainmaker, Sliding Doors and Kingdom of Heaven.

Customers need to fill out a redemption form available in store or on the NEC website, and send with a copy of their invoice to NEC within 21 days of the purchase date and the DVDs will be provided.

NEC’s leading LCD televisions come with a built in DVD player and built in high definition tuners, as well as HDMI inputs allowing other HD devices to be connected and displayed on screen.

The NEC 19-inch High Definition LCD TVs with in-built DVD Player (NOT-19HDDV3 or NLT-19HDDV4) come with two bonus DVDs.

Three movies are on offer for the 22-inch HD LCD TVs with in-built DVD Player (NLT-22HDDV3 or NLT-22HDDV4) and four will be offered with purchases of NEC’s 26-inch HD LCD TVs (NLT-26HDDV3).

The NLT-19HDDV4 and NLT-22HDDV4 models are scheduled to arrive in December 2008, with all other models available now at leading retailers in Australia.