Connected health devices leader, Withings has announced that its Body Scan smart scale is now available with an electrocardiogram (ECG) feature to help detect atrial fibrillation 2 (cardiac anomaly), increase muscle mass faster, monitor cardiovascular health, and detect early signs of autonomic peripheral neuropathy.

Body Scan performs a medical-grade ECG to detect atrial fibrillation at each weighing session which is one of the most prevalent forms of arrhythmias, characterised by irregular heart rhythms. Through built-in electrodes embedded in the glass plate and handle, in just 30 seconds, users can launch a 6-lead ECG reading that can be shared with a doctor through the app.

Body Scan users can precisely measure fat and muscle mass in three areas: legs, torso, and arms in addition to an overall view to inform potential risks associated with localised fat and precisely locates muscle imbalances in each body segment.  

This segmental body composition technology allows a level of precision previously only seen in sports labs to be monitored in the home. It is made possible thanks to a unique retractable handle form factor, embedding electrodes to launch a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) with multiple frequencies.

With patented Withings Precision technology, users can experience high-weight precision fueled by enhanced algorithms to ensure consistent weight measurements up to 50 grams.

Body Scan can also estimate arterial age by measuring the speed at which waves generated by the heartbeat move along the arteries. This assessment may help estimate good cardiovascular health or increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The scale also calculates the amount of fat stored around the organs to detect higher blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or asthma.

Body Scan can help detect signs of autonomic peripheral neuropathy, one of the known long-term complications of diabetes, conducted by stimulating the sweat glands in feet with an undetectable electrical current.

With Wi-Fi technology, health data is synced straight to a mobile device after each weigh-in with multi-lifestyle modes including athlete, baby and all-new eyes closed mode.

Body Scan boasts a 3.2-inch colour screen to read measurements, motivational messages, weather reports, step counts and air quality information, as well as up to one year of battery life which can be recharged via USB-C cable.

Body Scan is now available for $799.99 on Amazon and select retailers including JB Hi-Fi. Consumers who already own the Body Scan will receive an app notification to activate the new 6-lead ECG feature.