Winning Group has introduced new brand campaigns for both Winnings and Appliances Online, titled ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Hello Appliances Online’ respectively.

The brand campaigns demonstrate how renovating with Winnings or upgrading appliances with Appliances Online, help Australians enjoy their life at home, according to Winning Group CEO, John Winning.

“We bring homes to life. It’s what we’ve done for more than a century. We’ve grown close to our customers and learned the importance of every stage and experience of their journey. Our promise to them – to provide the best experience in the world – is so they can live their best lives,” he said.

The Winnings campaign invites customers into showrooms for a multi-sensory shopping experience and to reimagine their homes at Winnings. A golden glow extends a warm welcome and the feeling of being home at last experienced when walking into a Winnings showroom and being inspired by the world’s latest technologies and designs.

Winnings general manager, Harry Boileau said, “Our showrooms are designed to provide the ultimate immersive and inspiring shopping experience for customers looking to renovate and make their house a home. As a century-old business we have continued to innovate the customer experience and the campaign showcases our transition from Winning Appliances to Winnings, a destination where customers can shop for their entire home including kitchen, laundry, bathroom, living and alfresco.

“This campaign demonstrates how we help our customers create a home suited to their lifestyle through our unique shopping experiences including the world’s best and exclusive appliances, cooking and coffee demonstrations and unbiased advice from our product experts.”

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The Appliances Online brand campaign demonstrates how its legendary service can come to the rescue of anyone with a faulty appliance. It humorously highlights different scenarios of when a faulty appliance can distract, disturb and frustrate, showcasing the solution of saying goodbye to $#!* appliances, and hello to Appliances Online for an upgrade.

Appliances Online general manager, James Bartlett commented, “The ‘Hello Appliances Online’ campaign highlights how people are in need of saving from faulty appliances that are out to get you and ruin your day. These real life scenarios demonstrate how Appliances Online is here to keep Australian homes going when they need it the most and the campaign is driven to demonstrate why we are Australia’s most awarded and loved online appliance retailer.

“This campaign also allows us to integrate some of our partner brands including Haier, Bosch, LG and Samsung into the narrative and demonstrates how the latest appliance technologies from the world’s best brands and our unmatched legendary service offering, can help customers get back to enjoying their everyday life.”

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