Winning Group chief operating officer, Jo Devery has confirmed that the Winning Services business has achieved a record Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 85 when more than 3,500 deliveries were made nationwide earlier this week, in a recent video interview with Appliance Retailer.

She said growth started off in the freezer and fridge categories and has now shifted to heating and BBQs.

“At first we saw huge growth – I’m sure like other appliance retailers – in freezers and fridges and as we have moved through the last couple of weeks, we have seen increases in food preparation – bread makers and rice makers, as well as fitness equipment. As the weather has changed, we have also seen big spikes in heating and BBQs,” she said.

“We measure our success around our Net Promotor Score (NPS). We have had huge amounts of deliveries and we have been breaking records every day. On Tuesday for example, we did over 3,500 deliveries nationally and our NPS was 85 for Winning Services, which is an amazing result – a record for us. It seems the busier we get, the higher our customer service levels are, we are a little bit more focused. I think that’s a fantastic result.

“Internally, we measure our Heelix score – our internal engagement tool – and our people are saying that they are feeling safe, which is how we want them to feel, and that their productivity is greater at home than it has been in the workplace, which is amazing as well, and we are seeing this in our results.”

Appliance Retailer caught up with Jo via Zoom to receive this commentary. Watch our interview here