With a speaker that speaks for itself.

Ultimate Ears has been the number one brand in the wireless mobile speaker market in Australia for a number of years and is strategically very important for Logitech, both as a business and a brand, director of product management, Chris LaBrutto said.

Speaking to Appliance Retailer at the Sydney launch of the latest smart speaker range with Amazon Alexa built-in, LaBrutto said the company is always searching for easier ways for customers to discover, hear, play and share more music.

“Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant platform reduces the number of steps needed to get to a song or the playlist. There is also the convenience of hands free voice control thanks to the integration with Amazon.”

Logitech director of product management, Chris LaBrutto at the Ultimate Ears MegaBlast launch

He said voice control for accessing music and news is still very new and these categories don’t pop up overnight. “It takes time to build awareness among consumers as to how new technology can add value to their lives.”

Asked about the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what it means for the future, LaBrutto admitted that its influence is still unknown. “However, I don’t think it’s a fad and it’s clear that globally if you look at how consumers are gravitating towards new platforms it is here to stay but exactly what role AI is  going to play in our lives is something no-one knows the answer to yet.”

The new range will be supported with a variety of marketing campaigns with specifics still to be confirmed.

Ultimate Ears Megablast is the company’s most powerful speaker to date while Ultimate Ears Blast offers ultra-portability in a smaller, slimmer shape.

“We are excited that these devices will bring great sounding music, durability, portability and hands-free access to Alexa to more customers, even outside their home,” Amazon Alexa vice president, Steve Rabuchin said.