With only a few days left of the Autumn season and temperatures already dropping to more chilly conditions, it’s well and truly time to consider heating options for the home.

Whether you’re looking for a heater to deliver comfort while working from home or a cosy living room when it’s time to snug up at the end of the day, De’Longhi has a range of heaters to suit any space.

But with cost-of-living pressures top of mind, the De’Longhi Dragon 4 Pro oil column heater priced around $400 deserves a special mention for keeping the home warm without breaking the bank.

Oil heaters are generally more affordable than other options such as gas and they consume less power. I had the opportunity to trial the Dragon 4 Pro and was impressed by its aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, powerful heating capabilities and energy efficiency.

When unboxing the Dragon 4 Pro, its elegant and slimline design in a dark grey finish first caught my attention, making it a stylish addition to the room at just 57cm wide and 66cm high. With castor wheels it’s easy to move the unit between rooms.

As the heater caters to medium to large rooms, I set up the heater in my open plan living/dining space which is around 42 square metres in size.

When the unit is switched on, its digital LED display prompts you to set a timer (an optional step but an easy way to ‘set and forget’ for added convenience) then simply choose the power setting – low, medium or high – and the desired temperature.

With a max heating power of 2,400W, you’ll feel warm in a matter of minutes – but a pleasant and gentle warmth rather than a blast of hot air which can often be dry and uncomfortable. The heater is also so silent, you barely notice it’s on, which is great for use all day and night.

In addition to the 24-hour timer (with 15-minute intervals), there’s also a unique EcoPlus function that intelligently manages and optimises energy consumption. The LED display lets you see settings quickly and easily at a glance even from across the room.

The Dragon 4 Pro features an extra-large radiant surface with exclusive fin design that ensures rapid and powerful heating. Even after the unit is switched off, the heat lingers thanks to the oil’s high thermal inertia – meaning it can absorb and release a significant amount of heat energy while experiencing modest temperature changes – making for a consistently warm environment.

With safety top of mind, the heater incorporates a cool touch handle, safety thermostat and a tilt switch that automatically shuts off the heater if it’s accidentally knocked over. There’s also a handy cable and cord storage compartment.

For added peace of mind, the Dragon 4 Pro comes with a seven-year warranty.

Not only is the De’Longhi Dragon 4 Pro oil column heater user-friendly and intuitive making it simple to operate, adjust settings and monitor the temperature, there’s a clear emphasis on energy efficiency and safety. And with a price tag of $400, it’s sure to impress this Winter and in years to come.