Exclusive to The Good Guys.

Whirlpool was host to a select group of media last week to launch its latest 6th Sense European-made induction cooktop, pyrolytic oven and fixed t-box rangehood, and provide a hands-on cooking demonstration by brand ambassador, Scott Gooding.

Whirlpool general manager of marketing, Liam Bryers said, “We are a brand that has been around in Australia for nearly 27 years, but to be fair, we have had a checkered past. So in the last two years we have done a lot of work to re-establish the brand, build a good base and now it’s time to start talking to consumers about what makes Whirlpool different, why our appliances are unique and introduce them to our brand ambassador, Scott Gooding and why he fits with Whirlpool.

Whirlpool general manager of marketing, Liam Bryers 

“Whirlpool has always been a family company. From the beginning and how they grew over the years is by acquiring other family companies. Everything that Whirlpool Corporation tries to do is put family first. We are a huge global company yet we always try to find a way to give back to the community.

“Whirlpool was born in 1911, founded by Lewis Upton and our first product was an electric washing machine. In 1949, Whirlpool Corporation became the Whirlpool Corporation. In 1960, NASA contacted Whirlpool to make the first space kitchen. In 1990, Whirlpool Australia was established and built on the American and European heritage. In 2002, our 6th sense technology started to appear. In 2012, Whirlpool was the first appliance company to win an IF design and innovation award and since 2015, we have been exclusive to The Good Guys.

Whirlpool brand ambassador, Scott Gooding

“We are a global company and what many people don’t realise is that globally, we are the number one manufacturer of major home appliances. We sold 70 million products in over 170 countries and every seven seconds, someone around the world is buying a Whirlpool product. However, here in Australia, we have a small base and a lot of work to do to build on the brand.”

Commenting on his partnership with Whirlpool, Scott Gooding said, “When Whirlpool and I started talking, I wasn’t sure of how the whole story worked until I dug deeper and understood the company’s values around making it easy for people to cook healthy and delicious meals at home. It ties in with what I do and my foundation message which is to encourage people to cook more at home and using real food, in opposition of processed food. Getting to know the brand and its integrity sealed the deal for me.”