Looks back on evolution of technology.

Whirlpool Corporation is celebrating its 106 year anniversary this month. To celebrate, the company has taken a retrospective look at the evolution of technology and the product innovation it has brought to the kitchen and laundry to make daily chores more efficient.

Washing machines

The washing machine has come a long way since the old scrubbing board and bucket with today’s washing machines offering sensors that detect the weight of a load and automatically set the cycle length. Whirlpool’s 10kg front load washing machine helps minimise energy and water wastage with this feature.


There has been hype around ‘smart’ refrigerators that communicate information about items that need to be replaced or those that have expired. However, Whirlpool has focused its attention on keeping food fresher for longer with Super Cool and Super Freeze functions on its 520L bottom mount refrigerator. The Super Cool feature allows users to lower the refrigerator’s temperature fast, so food such as fish and deli meat maintain their quality. Meanwhile, the Super Freeze feature lowers the freezer temperature fast enough so nutritional and sensorial properties, including 30% more vitamins, are retained compared to standard freeze mode.


Built with the latest technologies, the Whirlpool WF03432X dishwasher features 6th Sense, a technology that feeds back to the dishwasher if the water is dirty or if it still has food particles in it. If water is still dirty, the dishwasher can automatically perform an additional rinse and update the cycle on the LCD screen.


Evolving from the age-old electric cooktop, induction technology allows for a quicker and more controlled cooking process. Whirlpool’s ACM795BA induction cooktop is safer with the inclusion of high frequency electromagnets that generate a magnetic field to heat the pan and not the cooktop surface. The FlexiCook Zone feature is efficient, transporting power into the zone being used.


Whirlpool’s AKZM6600HIX pyrolytic oven has a Cook3 feature which allows for better distribution of hot air through the entire cavity. It also cuts down preparation time by allowing dessert and main dishes to bake at the same time without mixing odours. Recent Whirlpool research revealed that cooking time with this model can be reduced by up to 26% and energy anywhere between 5% and 20%, depending on the food being cooked and how many dishes are being prepared simultaneously.


The very first microwaves from the 1940s were sold for up to $5,000 each, weighed more than 330kg, and consumed 3,000 watts, three times more than most microwave ovens today. Today’s microwaves are more portable, do not ionise and are therefore safe for the preparation of food. The Crisp Function, built into the Whirlpool Crisp N Grill Convection microwave combines heat from the bottom via a Crisp Plate and from the top via a Quartz Grill.