By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Samsung floorcare product manager, Paul Lipscomb, has resigned to take over product management and help oversee the introduction of German navigation brand Navigon.

Speaking to, Lipscomb said his new position, senior product and marketing manager at importer Navigation Solutions, would see him help Navigon enter the local market from the middle of next month.

Two mid-range units will be imported initially and lower- and higher-end models due afterwards.

Lipscomb said distribution would be through “select stores” at first, but he was unable to divulge details of specific chains at this point in time.

Navigon is an established brand in the US and Europe, but this would be the first time the products would come to Australia, he said.

The models imported into Australia would have “minor application differences, but [be] fundamentally the same models” as those sold overseas, said Lipscomb.

Many of the units share a piano black design, separating them from the myriad other navigation models on the Australian market.

The decision to leave the floorcare sector appears to have been a simple one, with Lipscomb saying, “I was approached by a company about a month ago to bring this brand into the market, so I thought ‘Why not?’”.

Importer Navigation Solutions is based in French’s Forest and has imported the ‘Road Angel’ brand of radar detectors into the country in the past.

Full details of Lipscomb’s replacement at Samsung were unavailable at time of publication.