Sony made waves overnight with the company’s head office announcing a global restructure that will see it shed 5,000 jobs, sell its Vaio PC business to Japanese company Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), and separate its TV business as a wholly-owned subsidiary with a focus on higher-end products.

While the global news is still sinking in with Sony subsidiaries, retail partners and consumers worldwide, Appliance Retailer sought comment from Sony Australia to find out what the move will mean for local retailers.

The dust is yet to settle and the full ramifications are not yet known (for example, there was no word on how many of the 3,500 job cuts being made by Sony outside Japan will be in Australia). However, a Sony Australia spokesperson confirmed the following:

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How will the sale of the PC business affect Australian consumer rights?

Sony will continue its after-sales (in warranty and out of warranty) services, support and spare parts supply in accordance with Australian & New Zealand consumer laws and regulations.

Will retailers see changes with order fulfilment, pricing or retail support in the Vaio category?

Sony Australia is working with Global HQ on a plan and timeline regarding the local implications of these announcements. This will be communicated to retailers in due course.

What is the future of the Vaio business under new owners Japan Industrial Partners (JIP)?

JIP has extensive experience with “strategic carve-outs,” whereby it supports companies in the process of relinquishing businesses or subsidiaries as part of a process of focus and selection, provides necessary investment to the relinquished business or subsidiary and helps realize the business’s growth potential as an independently operated entity.

JIP believes that with its support, the new company that will operate the VAIO-branded PC business will be able to achieve future growth and profitability and meet the expectations of VAIO customers by leveraging the wealth of innovative design expertise and operational knowhow accumulated by Sony within the PC business.

The TV business is set to become a wholly-owned subsidiary; how will this affect Australian retailers?

The global announcement will have no impact on Sony Australia’s local TV business.

What does the restructure mean for Sony globally and locally?

The recent announcements surrounding Sony’s global VAIO and TV business are designed to accelerate the revitalisation and growth of Sony’s electronics business. Sony Australia is working with Global HQ on a plan and timeline regarding the local implications of these announcements.