By Claire Reilly

Logitech has moved away from convention with one of the new products it launched at CES in Las Vegas this week – a rectangular mouse.

Billed by the company as “a computer mouse that redefines what a mouse can be,” the Logitech Cube is a pocket-sized device that works the same way as a traditional mouse – allowing users to click and drag – but also represents a departure from traditional form factor.

“The Logitech Cube incorporates all the expected functionality of a mouse into a radically new shape,” said a Logitech spokesperson. “It points, clicks and scrolls like a traditional mouse, but lift it in the air and the mouse becomes a presenter when you need it. Click the Cube to advance your deck to the next slide; turn the Cube over in your hand and click it again to go to a previous slide.”

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It also features a touch surface equipped with Logitech Flow Scroll technology, allowing it to be used in much the same way as a smartphone. By dragging a finger along this surface, the user creates a “fluid scrolling” action that is not choppy.

Since launching in Vegas, the Logitech Cube has been selected as a CES Best of Innovations Honoree. It is expected to be available in February 2012, and will retail for AUD $89.95.

The Logitech Cube redefines the shape and function of the humble mouse…

…And is designed to fit into the palm of the hand.