Who wants to be a Koganaire? Well, UnderCurrent is pleased to announced that your time has come! Online retailer and professional Gerry Harvey nemesis Ruslan Kogan is putting $1 million in icy cold cans of cold hard cash on the line in his new Brazilian Million publicity stunt consumer promotion.

According to the release that landed in UnderCurrent’s in tray this morning, Kogan will hand over one million buckeroos to anyone that can correctly predict the outcome of all 48 group games at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

“We’ve launched this competition to get more people involved. It’s free to enter so everyone can have some fun, try and pick the winners of the group stage matches, and see how they match up against their mates!” said Kogan, presumably while sunbaking on the deck of a private yacht anchored in a Mediterranean port that only rich people have heard of.

They say a fool and his money are soon parted so UnderCurrent wondered, just how easy would it be to part Kogan and his million dollars? Well, each of these 48 matches is a 3-horse race, so nominally we have a starting point of “one in 80 billion trillion”, according to Proper Journalist’s mathematically minded mate at MIT.

But, of course, not every game is a 3-horse-race, so let’s assume that the top team in all 8 groups wins every game (something, incidentally, that only occurred in two of the eight groups at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa). That means you only have to pick the correct result in 24 matches. So, one in 282 billion then…

It goes to show, while everyone is capable of making noise, not everyone is capable of making people listen. Ruslan Kogan has already been on TV pumping up this promotion and even UnderCurrent’s interest was piqued. Not that only he will win with all this free promotion; there are a couple of more attainable runners up prizes:

“In addition to the million dollar grand prize, will also give the top 5 ranked entrants a $500 gift voucher and the next 50 will receive a $50 gift voucher.”

A $500 gift voucher to the Kogan store? At least you can live like a Koganaire…