The 2009 International CES, which concluded on 11 January has been labelled by organisers as the major push the world needed in gaining economic recovery across the globe.

“The success of the 2009 International CES gives us optimism that innovation will restart the world’s economic engine,” stated CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, Gary Shapiro.

More than 2,700 global companies, including 300 new exhibitors, unveiled an estimated 20,000 new products over the four day exhibition, many of these are rumoured to shape the future of the consumer electronics industry.

Some of the groundbreaking new technologies on display at the show were the Palm Pre, Sony’s flexible OLED display, 3D HDTV, Yahoo!’s TV Widget, LG’s Watch Phone and a 1/3 inch thin energy efficient Plasma HDTV from Panasonic.

As well as all the new gadgets and emerging technologies some of the most influential people in the industry were on hand to make addresses, including Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, Sony’s Sir Howard Stringer, Ford’s Allan Mulally and Intel’s Dr. Craig Barrett.

Another crucial way in judging the success of CES is said to come from the business agreements made over the course of the event.

President of Fry’s Electronics, Randy Fry, stated that he thought this year had the most CEOs in attendance on the show floor in its history, and commented “if you are not here at CES you are not in this industry.”

The event definitely is held in high regard by most consumer electronic companies around the world and it’s not surprising that a large majority of their time, effort and income is employed into ensuring the success of their displays.

CES is definitely a huge avenue for gaining awareness of your products and the ability to show off your technological achievements on the world stage, is priceless.

Evidently this year’s CES has demonstrated a huge leap in innovations and technological breakthroughs, and if the Consumer Electronics Association are right, maybe it’s just the thing to bring the world back up from its knees.