Olin has launched the Olin Personal Video Recorder (OPVR-1000) so you can record all your favourite television programs and not miss a minute!

The OPVR-1000 even lets you record two different programs simultaneously, via dual digital tuners.  So you can watch one program and record it at the same time, whilst recording something else on another channel.  You can use it on any channel, on an analogue or digital TV.

The OPVR-1000 includes a timer function, so you can record late-night programming, or programs that are scheduled for when you’re not around to watch them.  With so many international events in 2010, this is perfect for catching every moment of major sporting events  like the world cup, with the OPVR- 1000 you won’t miss out on any of the action!

With 500GB of space available, you can record everything in high definition, without running out of memory.

Installation is simple, the unit connects via HDMI and the graphical user interface is easy to use.  The OPVR-1000 provides a seven-day electronic program guide and runs Dolby Digital Surround Sound for the highest audio quality.

Like other products on the Olin range, the OPVR-1000 includes a 12-month replacement warranty, backed by an experienced customer service team.

The OPVR-1000 has a recommended retail price of $399.

For inquiries about the Olin Personal Video Recorder, please contact your Olin account manager, call us on 02 9211 0478 or check out the website: www.westwell.com.au