By Chris Nicholls

LOS ANGELES: Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (SCEA) has confirmed it will bring the 80 GB PS3, available only overseas until now, to Australia “later this year”, replacing the 40 GB model.

Speaking to from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Sony Computer Entertainment Australia spokesperson, Adrian Christie, said “we will … be launching the 80 GB model”, and confirmed it will replace the 40 GB model on arrival.

However, while Christy said dates and prices would have to wait until the official announcement tomorrow, the likelihood is that replacement will mean the 80 GB model will sell for a similar price to the current 40 GB model.

In other Playstation news from E3, Christie said SCEA would also be introducing the ‘Platinum’ range of games for PS3 for the first time later this year, but could not confirm which games or prices at this time.

New full-priced games coming for PS3 would include Resistance 2, ‘build-it-yourself’ game Little Big Planet, online combat game MAG (Massive Action Game), which allows for up to 256 players at one time, and God of War 3.

Local release dates for these and the approximately 140 other games on display remain up in the air, though.

One game that could be confirmed for Australia is the new Ratchet and Clank game, Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty.

The downloadable-only game will be in Australia before year’s end for $24.99, and more would be coming in future, Christie said.

Not all Playstation news announced at E3 will be making it to Australia, however, with the new standard definition movie download service, made available on the American Playstation Network from this morning, Australia time, not coming to Australia “for the foreseeable future”.

Christie said while SCEA was “completely committed to launching it for Australia”, it was not going to happen this year, thanks time need to arrange local film licensing agreements.